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Welcome to the Adults component of the Kids and Adults Learning web site

Welcome to our website. Here we seek to outline an integrated approach to kids and adults learning.

The vision behind the company name is for learning to be integrated vertically (design) not only horizontally (related skill areas).   So our company mologo (motto | logo) is a group of children with adults having fun learning by playing in a grove of gum trees.  As explained below one can argue that the adolescent in the conventional education system is lost to genuine learning however there is some hope for kids and adults, thus the name of our company.

In particular I seek to develop and explain a system of adult learning based on ‘learning by doing’ that is a specific form of action learning (the area of my Doctoral studies in the mid 1990’s) that I have found to be most powerful and effective.  I have studied this as a ‘participant learner-observer’ now for five years.  The learning process is called ‘bush mechanic’ in Australia, bricoleur in French and so forth in different cultures.

As a holistic learning enrichment organisation Kids and Adults Learning seeks: (short version)
to facilitate the development of vertically and horizontally articulated and integrated learning strategies that: (long version) design and provide proactive and community based responsive learning enrichment programs and services which enable Kids and Adults as individuals and groups to participate as active citizens towards becoming valued contributors to their community’s social,  economic and environmental diversity and development by jointly  conceiving, designing and implementing with integrity individual and  joint exemplar projects that integrate related skill sets for active learning towards a just and compassionate world for our children’s children. [KALGROVE Pty/Ltd Q4-2006 V4]

So what’s next?

This web site seeks to network with co-travellers - ones who want a radical review of our educational esp. vocational educational institutions.  Who want to lens theory through action rather than the usual academic approach of lensing cation through theory?  Please let’s combine forces use the bushy blog, invite one another to attend at least virtually our workshops etc.  Let’s seek to gather a clearing house of exemplar projects.  And with all these initiatives let’s work towards establishing a critical mass towards fundamental change in how we approach learning and education as individuals, groups and society.